Ultimate Link Party Directory


Hi! Am I being big-headed by terming my link party directory 'Ultimate'? I'm pretty proud of it.

Parties in my directory are listed by name, by day, alphabetically and with the name(s) of each the host(s) in bullet points under the party name.

Multiple bullet points under a party name means that the party has multiple hosts. For parties with multiple hosts, upload your thumbnail on just one blog and it will appear on the rest of the host blogs. Example: The DIY Sunday Showcase is hosted by 5 different bloggers. If you upload a thumbnail to VMG206, the photo will appear on Pink When, Minnettes Maze, My Crafty Spot and View from the Fridge. Easy Peasy! 

These parties accept both craft and food pics. I did not include parties that only accept food submissions. Space constraints!

The Ultimate Link Party Directory will be updated monthly. Bookmark and share it with all your blogging buddies!

Happy Crafting!

<3 Heidi Kay

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