2 Sundresses = 1 Infinity Scarf

This snug-fitting, tube-style scarf makes a great hood, too! Check the summer clearance areas in your local stores - I found these two cotton cover-ups for $1 each at Walgreens.

  • needle, pins & thread
  • Scissors (rotary cutter & cutting mat are optional but handy!)
  • two cheap sundresses

Cut the tops off each dress. Save tops for a future craft ...

Place skirts right sides together. Pin around the entire top of the skirt. Sew around the top of the skirt.

I cut off the bottom hem too. This makes the seam a little less bulky. Pin and sew almost all the way around the bottom, backstitching at the beginning and end. Make sure to leave a hand-sized gap unsewn so that you can pull the scarf inside-out.

After sewing, I trimmed the hems with a pinking shears to reduce bulk. This is optional.

Pull scarf inside out. Hand sew the gap closed.

Pull it over your head. Admire yourself.

If the wind's blowing, pull the top part over your head like a hood. There's plenty of material to keep your neck warm, too.

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