Tin Wedding Favor Fillable Ornament!

DIY fillable ornaments! SO much easier than trying to pour stuff into an empty glass ornament!

No-Sew Wedding Dress Tree Skirt

If turning a wedding dress into a tree skirt is wrong, I don't want to be right :-).

Crayon Stars! And Free Printable Tags!

Let's start melting those crayons! These would make great stocking stuffers!

Ugly Necklace to Fun Bracelet!

Old necklace + Jewelry clasp + Jump Rings + Pliers = Bracelet! That's a lot of pluses.

DIY Frame & Hemp Memory Board Update

Hi! Just wanted to add an update to the DIY Frame & Hemp Photo/Memory Board tutorial.  I made a few to sell at the annual Rush City's Bountiful Boutiques.

In the original tutorial, the hemp is pretty widely spaced. Try making tighter diagonals and zig-zagging at different angles. I think the smaller spacing will add a lot to the piece!

The skies are dark and brooding. Not exactly the best lighting for craft photography! I'll be back with another tutorial as soon as the clouds clear. Waiting for the sun ...

Book Page Medallions

Paper Scrap Garland!

I'm gearing up for the Rush City's Bountiful Boutiques 2015! We'll be selling crafts in 4 locations in Rush City, MN. Put it on your calendar! November 6, 7 and 8. I'll be at the Raven's Nest on Friday bagging up your craft goodies :-).


Won't be able to make it? Then follow this short tutorial and craft your own paper scrap garland!

Knitting Loom T-Shirt Rug

Yes, another t-shirt project! I found a knitting loom at the thrift store and decided to try knitting t-shirts together, not knowing how it would turn out.

Well, it turned out GREAT. The double knit creates a thick rug that you can really sink your toes into. It can also be used as a sitting mat or rolled up and used as a neck pillow.

Each rug took 16-20 t-shirts worth of t-shirt yarn.

Painted Front Door ...

SO much better than this. Yikes:

Bottle of Boos - Free Printable!

What's your Halloween beverage of choice? I'll be celebrating with a Bottle of Boos.

Just print, cut and paste. Oh, and the printable I created is totally free!

2 Sundresses = 1 Infinity Scarf

This snug-fitting, tube-style scarf makes a great hood, too! Check the summer clearance areas in your local stores - I found these two cotton cover-ups for $1 each at Walgreens.

Bachman's Ideas House Fall 2015

The Bachman's Fall 2015 Ideas House is open through October 4, 1015. Get Your tickets here!

The house was full of taupes, whites and tans. Lots of old books, with and without bindings. I am in love with the "She Shed" and wine room!

Here are some of my favorite pics ...

No-Glue Button Bobby Pins

Got tons of buttons? Find some buttons that have holes through their backs instead of through their middles. Slip the straight side of a bobby pin through the holes. No glue needed!

DIY T-shirt Cat Toy (SO EASY!)

Cut up some t-shirts (pretty colors only!) and knot them together! Simple toy for your kitty cat or small dog :-).

How to Make Tulle Poms!

Tulle Balls for all! This idea has floated around the internet for awhile. Some people use this same method with T-shirt Yarn!

Make 'em one toned, two-toned or spray the edges with paint!

Burlap Covered Alphabet Magnets!

I used burlap paper to make these Burlap-Covered Alphabet Magnets! So much easier than using burlap fabric!

DIY Paper Fireworks Flower Tutorial

You'll need a paper cutter with a super sharp cutting blade to make these Paper  Fireworks Flowers!

DIY Zipper Headband

Make a DIY Zipper Headband! Unzip for a two-strip headband or zip it up for a thicker, single-strip band.

Goofy Looking Blog


Hello, Friend!

The blog's going to look goofy for a few days. I'm uploading a new, responsive template. SO EXCITED!

I apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

Thank you for your patience!

<3 Heidi Kay

Fun 'N Fluffy Flip Flops

Fun and easy way to spruce up those $1 flip flops! Wouldn't these colors be great for a Frozen-Inspired summer birthday party?

DIY Patio Paver Trivet

Super cheap and quick DIY - Make your own trivets out of patio paver stones!

DIY Sponge Water Bombs!

What a fun way to stay cool : DIY Sponge Water Bombs! These would be a great addition to any (outdoor) summer gathering. So much easier and longer lasting than water balloons :-).

Upcycled T-shirt Yarn for Loom Knitting!

This post will give tips on how to cut the yarn in order to use it on a loom. For directions on loom knitting a dishcloth, go to this youtube video!

I do a little bit of volunteering for a non-profit that collect clothes and distributes them to people in need. We end up with a TON of t-shirts. Many of the shirts have small stains or contain screen-printing that only have significance to their original wearers. I thought this would be a great way to upcycle the shirts into useful items!

Use a Board Game as a Photo Backdrop!

Do you own an etsy store? Sell items on a Facebook garage sale site? Make your small items stand out by making a simple photo backdrop! All you need is a square board game.

Upcycled T-Shirt Tote

Turn a T-Shirt into a tote bag! This is a great project for sewers who've never worked with knit fabric.

Upcycled Plastic Jug Gift Box

I buy vinegar in the BIG jugs! These jugs can easily be upcycled into pretty gift boxes. The fold at the top makes a very subtle four-petal flower motif. Reuse as many times as you'd like! When you don't need it anymore, remove the ribbon and throw the plastic in the recycling bin.

Add Leather Handles to Fabric Storage Bins!

Upgrade your storage bins! Just a little bit of leather makes a big impact.

DIY Father's Day Gifts!

Need a DIY Father's Day gift idea? These bloggers have come up with some great projects! Click over to their blogs to Pin their images :-).

Use $1 Flash Tattoos as Paper Embellishments!

These $1 temporary tattoos caught my eye at Walmart. I decided to try using them as paper embellishments! And it actually worked!

Use Sandpaper With Your Paper Punch!

 Paper punch getting dull? Use fine-grit sandpaper to create crisp, clean cuts!

DIY Coffee Filter Candle Holders

I came up with this idea while trying to make something else. Happy accident!

These coffee filter candle holders are so easy to make -  skip the watercolors to turn this into a 10-minute craft!

DIY Cardigan Clips

Hello, friend!

Cardi clips can add a much-needed bit of whimsy to an outfit and keep your cardigan from slipping off of your shoulder. Grab some old jewelry and make a pair for yourself, your mom or to sell at a craft fair!

About Little Free Libraries

Hey! It's National Library Week. I'm going to assume that this includes all libraries, including Little Free Libraries :-).

I love books. Actually, I love GOOD books. And really bad ones, too. It's usually only the most middling, luke-warm, cliche-spouting books I destroy in my crafting exploits. They had it coming ...

-- Yes, I'm looking at you, Nicholas Sparks.

Origami Money Bunny

Origami Money Bunny! Fun group craft for your Spring or Easter celebrations :-). Also a great way to hide a money gift for the kids!

Coffee-Dyed Easter Eggs

I don't normally dye eggs but I had a 1/2 pot of coffee left over. And there was an article about natural-dyed eggs in the paper! Serendipitous.

Bachman's Ideas House | Spring 2015

 Spring Revival! Here are some of my favorite ideas from Bachman's Ideas House Spring 2015.

The Hat & Belt Basket!

This post contains Amazon Affiliate links in the "You Will Need" section. Clicking on the links will open a new window to the exact supplies I used in this tutorial. This will give you an idea of the products I like working with. 

Be sure to check other sites or local stores - Amazon doesn't always have the lowest price!

Introducing the Hat & Belt Basket! Use it as an Easter basket or table centerpiece. It would also make a perfect flower girl basket for a country or rustic-themed wedding!

Dress to Skirt Refashion | No-Sew

Thrift shop find! Just a quick snip-snip-snip to refashion a dress into a skirt.

Tulip Pen Tutorial!

Today I'll show you how to make a tulip pen!

Paper Plate Flowers!

Turn cheap paper plates into smashingly gorgeous flowers? Yes, please.

Easy Gem Book Sculpture!

This gem-shaped book sculpture is a great little organizer or home decor item!

Piano Makeover with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!

Revamp an old piano with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!

This was my (actually more my sister's than mine - she's a much better piano player!) childhood piano in all its orangey-oak glory:

Not so glorious ...

Sweatshirt to Cardigan Re-fashion! | No-Sew

 Easily turn an old sweatshirt into a fun cardigan! No sewing skills required :-).