Origami Tulip Tutorial

These origami tulips also look like rose buds - gather them while you may ;-).

Weather Forecasting Stone Gag Gift

Here's a fun printable gag gift! All you need is a printer, paper, rock, tape and string.

Weather Forecasting Stones can be found all around the world - and are uncannily correct!

I printed this up for my nephew. He's a budding meteorologist and weather aficionado.

Just print out the Weather Forecasting Stone PDF, tie a rock to some string and tape the string to the paper. I rolled up the paper and tied it closed with more string.

Wishing happiness and good weather wherever you are ...

♡ Heidi Kay

DIY Sacks for 3 Legged Races and Sack Races

Sorry, not a very exciting picture ;-).

I made a set of eight burlap sacks for my nephew's outdoor b-day party. They'll be usedfor 3 - legged races and regular sack races. Pretty easy project! Very forgiving. Each bag takes about 20-25 minutes on the highest sewing speed.

DIY Upcycled Blue Jean Necklace

Super simple upcycled jean craft. Just cut out the inseam, glue and roll!