DIY Penny Vase (with a twist!)

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I'm sure you've seen Vone Inspired's Lucky Penny Vase. It's taken Pinterest by storm!

Copper seems to be the"in" color tone, judging by the response to both the penny vase and these gorgeous DIY Copper Dipped Vases by homeyohmy.

I wasn't immediately a fan of the Lucky Penny Vase. Seemed a bit too shiny at first. Then it grew on me and now I love it! But I still prefer a bit more subdued tone.

Here's my version. 

(With a name like Muslin & Merlot, it's safe to assume that there's an empty wine bottle somewhere in the house.)

Upcycled wine bottle and white-rubbed pennies:

Tutorial after the Jump!

DIY Magnetic Valentine's Card / Notepad!

Two Christmases ago, my craft wiz of a bonus sister brought little sewn notepads for everyone. So cute! This tutorial contains a couple of tweaks to her super gift. 

Perfect for Valentine's day, Mother's day or any card-giving occasion! 

You may see some snowflakes in the pictures. Yes, I was shooting craft tutorials during a snow shower/blizzard. Total commitment! Lol.

Chalkboard Fun! Valentine's Day

Still wish I had used chalkboard paint on a solid surface instead of canvas! Ah, well. This is what I put on my chalkboard in preparation for Valentine's Day:

It's been too cold to go outside and shoot craft tutorials! I've been huddled up under a blanket, pug in my lap, mukluks on my feet, wondering why on earth anyone would choose to live in MN during January.

Have a super duper weekend! If you're writing anything on your chalkboards for Valentine's Day, I'd love to see it. Just leave a comment with your blog address.

See you Monday!

DIY Upcycled Sweater Cozy

Upcycle your sweaters into DIY mug cozies! Tutorial after the jump . . .

DIY Wine Cork Arrows

Make some Cupid's Arrows out of upcycled wine corks for your valentine! No, these are not for hunting! Decorative use only.

Tutorial after the jump.

DIY Melted Marbled Crayon Hearts

Melted Marbled Valentine Hearts

The idea for marbled crayon hearts came from Martha Stewart's book, "Handmade Holiday Crafts". I was waiting for the perfect time to test them out. Yesterday afternoon ended up being that perfect time!  (Tutorial after the jump!).

Upcycled Chalkboard Shopping Bags

Don't you just love these upcycled chalkboard bags? 

Paint over nice shopping bags with chalkboard paint! Great way to use the leftovers from painting your own chalkboard canvas. The idea behind this project is courtesy of Danny Seo's book, "Upcycling Celebrations."

DIY Ice Balloon Votive Holders

*As seen on craftgawker! Featured on 504 Main!

Remember my Testing Pinterest goof? How some of the balloons didn't freeze because I half covered them with snow? And the snow acted as an insulator instead of a freezer? Well, take a gander at this pic:

DIY Ice Bowls
Perfect for weddings or special Valentine dinners! Truly, so easy to make that I made them by accident :-).

Filter Poms Tutorial

Tired of tissue paper poms? Looking for something a bit different? Use coffee filters to make lovely poms! Tutorial after the jump.

Heart in Hands

Felt Heart Gloves by Muslin & Merlot

Sweeten both the backs and palms of winter gloves by following this simple, no-sew tutorial! Free printable template.

Oh Baby!: Mini Burps Free Printable Template

As promised, the Mini Burp template has been uploaded. Click here for the Google Doc. Print it on cardstock. Enjoy!

Click here for the Mini Burp Tutorial.

And for those who would like to skip over the written instructions, here's a Mini Burp photo collage:

Oh Baby! Part One - Mini Burps Tutorial!

*Featured on Thank you Anne Weaver!*  

These Mini Burps are great for small messes. So cute and cuddly - perfect for any new baby! Tutorial and free printable template!

Baby washcloths by Muslin & Merlot. Free printable template!

Button Up Your Heart!

Easier Twirly Envelopes

Remember the Twirly Envelopes from yesterday

Why not trace around the completed shape to make things a bit easier? With that in mind, I made a template for easier Twirly Envelopes! You can find it HERE.

Twirly Envelopes!

Have you seen those envelopes made of circles on Pinterest? Easy to assemble and fun to look at! Can't find the source . . . the pinterest picture didn't lead to a link :-(.

You will need:
  • Pretty card stock
  • Pencil or pen with disappearing ink
  • Glue or double-sided tape
  • Ribbon