Easy Pet Lounger

Super easy pet lounger! No sewing required.

I just used a few old, flat pillows, one old blanket and two fitted crib sheets.

Place the folded blanket inside one crib sheet. Add pillows. The blanket smooths out and fills any gaps between the pillows.

Cover with the other crib sheet.

Choose which side you you want to use -

My human baby likes to lounge on this too!

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Washi Tape Embellished Notecards

The dreaded leftover paper scrap bin! Bits that seem too nice to throw away but never get used ...

Spruce up the corners with washi tape! Pick tapes with small patterns - larger ones won't show up well since we're only using a small amount.

After I added the tape, I cut the rest away from the other side. This leaves a cleaner cut.


DIY Candy Necklace!


  • 60" x 8" Tulle or  Chiffon - 60" is selvage by selvage end so if you're in the store, ask for 1/4 yard :-).
  • Scissors
  • Curling Ribbon - Two colors
  • Candy!!!

Best Wild Rice Soup

This is the yummiest, creamiest wild rice soup I've ever had! I use leftover roasted chicken or rotisserie chicken. Instead of crackers I broiled up some ... Ballpark hamburger buns. Seriously, so much better than crackers or toasted french bread.

Adapted from a recipe from All Recipes.

Pumpkin Painting Ideas

Just checking in with a couple of pumpkins Angela painted up in Rush City! Love the donut!