Origami Tulip Tutorial

These origami tulips also look like rose buds - gather them while you may ;-).

Weather Forecasting Stone Gag Gift

Here's a fun printable gag gift! All you need is a printer, paper, rock, tape and string.

Weather Forecasting Stones can be found all around the world - and are uncannily correct!

I printed this up for my nephew. He's a budding meteorologist and weather aficionado.

Just print out the Weather Forecasting Stone PDF, tie a rock to some string and tape the string to the paper. I rolled up the paper and tied it closed with more string.

Wishing happiness and good weather wherever you are ...

♡ Heidi Kay

DIY Sacks for 3 Legged Races and Sack Races

Sorry, not a very exciting picture ;-).

I made a set of eight burlap sacks for my nephew's outdoor b-day party. They'll be usedfor 3 - legged races and regular sack races. Pretty easy project! Very forgiving. Each bag takes about 20-25 minutes on the highest sewing speed.

DIY Upcycled Blue Jean Necklace

Super simple upcycled jean craft. Just cut out the inseam, glue and roll!

Future Projects - Prom Dresses into Play Aprons?

I've received a few fancy dresses from Helping Hands to make into something usable to give to the community members. These dresses all had stains or broken zippers, making them unsuitable as prom dresses. I think they'd make cute child dress up aprons, though! I could use some ideas from you all!

I'm going to play with this apron pattern. Look simple enough! (Famous last words!)

Theodora said this green dress would make a great Tiana costume. It has really beautiful beading. Might embellish with some lilypad flowers and a white satin underskirt?

The only pink princess I can think of is Aurora. Will try to find some gold trim. Any other characters pretty in pink?

I also have a couple of long, plain black satin dresses (no pic) Not sure which characters those would work well with. Maybe I could turn them into Christmas Tree skirts?

This is a seriously cute vintage Montgomery Ward dress. Trust me, it's prettier in person. Might just turn it into an adult cooking apron?

And then there's this. Look at those puffed shoulders!

And matching shoulder pads!

The zipper doesn't go down so far in the back. There should be enough material for a set of mommy and me aprons.

I'd like these aprons to kind of grow with the child for a few years. What would be the best way to change the length of the neck strap? D-rings? Velcro?

Let me know if you have any ideas!