DIY Candy Necklace!


  • 60" x 8" Tulle or  Chiffon - 60" is selvage by selvage end so if you're in the store, ask for 1/4 yard :-).
  • Scissors
  • Curling Ribbon - Two colors
  • Candy!!!

Cut fabric to size, if needed. I had a bit of extra chiffon laying around so I folded multiple times so I only needed to cut across 6 inches or so.

Cut ribbon into 12 inch lengths. You'll need 4 lengths of ribbon for each section. I used two of each color.

Start double-tying ribbon about 1 foot away from the end of the fabric. While tying ribbon, try to keep the fabric rolled up a bit. This will create the pocket for the candy.

Insert candy. Tie ribbon around the other side. Curl ends with a scissors. Repeat until the necklace is the right length. I suggest not putting candy around the neck. It might melt!

Tie the ends.

Make some more! This would be a great project for fundraisers, gifts, prizes, etc. Might be fun to use school colors and hand out during spirit week?

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