2 Sundresses = 1 Infinity Scarf

This snug-fitting, tube-style scarf makes a great hood, too! Check the summer clearance areas in your local stores - I found these two cotton cover-ups for $1 each at Walgreens.

Bachman's Ideas House Fall 2015

The Bachman's Fall 2015 Ideas House is open through October 4, 1015. Get Your tickets here!

The house was full of taupes, whites and tans. Lots of old books, with and without bindings. I am in love with the "She Shed" and wine room!

Here are some of my favorite pics ...

No-Glue Button Bobby Pins

Got tons of buttons? Find some buttons that have holes through their backs instead of through their middles. Slip the straight side of a bobby pin through the holes. No glue needed!

DIY T-shirt Cat Toy (SO EASY!)

Cut up some t-shirts (pretty colors only!) and knot them together! Simple toy for your kitty cat or small dog :-).