Bachman's Ideas House - Spring 2016 - Bedrooms

Finishing up the Bachman's Spring 2016 Ideas House tour! Still recuperating. Hoping to have a new fun craft tutorial up next week. XO Heidi Kay :-).

Bachman's Ideas House - Spring 2016 - Living Spaces

Hope you're enjoying these pics from the Bachman's Spring Ideas House 2016!

Today you'll be seeing the living room and sun room!

Bachman's Ideas House - Spring 2016 - Dining, Kitchen & Baths

Hi! I am recovering from surgery ... probably won't be answering comments or emails. Sorry! Anticipating a 4-6 week recovery. Hoping it's more like four weeks and not six!

Continuing with more pics from the Bachman's Ideas House! Dining and Kitchen ideas.

Bachman's Ideas House - Spring 2016 - Outdoor Spaces

The Bachman's Spring Ideas House was GREAT this year! So many new, fresh ideas. Loved it! Today I'll share some out the outdoor decor and porch displays.

Twisted Wire Wine Charms

Twisted Wire Wine Charms! Very easy and a great way to showcase pieces from your fun earring collection!

DIY Flush-Side Round End Table

I wanted to make this end table sit flush against a wall. So I sawed off a bit of the tabletop!