DIY Coffee Filter Candle Holders

I came up with this idea while trying to make something else. Happy accident!

These coffee filter candle holders are so easy to make -  skip the watercolors to turn this into a 10-minute craft!

DIY Cardigan Clips

Hello, friend!

Cardi clips can add a much-needed bit of whimsy to an outfit and keep your cardigan from slipping off of your shoulder. Grab some old jewelry and make a pair for yourself, your mom or to sell at a craft fair!

About Little Free Libraries

Hey! It's National Library Week. I'm going to assume that this includes all libraries, including Little Free Libraries :-).

I love books. Actually, I love GOOD books. And really bad ones, too. It's usually only the most middling, luke-warm, cliche-spouting books I destroy in my crafting exploits. They had it coming ...

-- Yes, I'm looking at you, Nicholas Sparks.

Origami Money Bunny

Origami Money Bunny! Fun group craft for your Spring or Easter celebrations :-). Also a great way to hide a money gift for the kids!

Coffee-Dyed Easter Eggs

I don't normally dye eggs but I had a 1/2 pot of coffee left over. And there was an article about natural-dyed eggs in the paper! Serendipitous.