DIY Cardigan Clips

Hello, friend!

Cardi clips can add a much-needed bit of whimsy to an outfit and keep your cardigan from slipping off of your shoulder. Grab some old jewelry and make a pair for yourself, your mom or to sell at a craft fair!

You will need:
  • 1 or 2 Pairs of Pliers
  • Wire Cutter
  • Necklace or Bracelet Chain
  • Screw-On Earrings
  • Jump Rings

Clean jewelry with a tiny bit of baby shampoo and as little water as possible. Carefully dry with a soft cloth or blow-dry on a "low" setting.

Find a pair of screw-in, clip on earrings. I like these daisy ones I found at Junk Bonanza.

If necessary, take the pendants off  of your necklace/bracelet chain. Just use a pliers to open the jump rings and slip them off of the chain.

Decide how long you'd like your chain to be. Don't worry if you make it too long/too short. It's really easy to add/remove links at any time.

Choose a link. Find the opening. Use your pliers to pull the link apart.

Place the open link around the earring stem. If your link is too small to close around the earring, use a jump ring to connect the chain to the earring.

Press the link or jump ring closed.

 Repeat steps to connect the end of the chain to the other earring.

 Remember to screw the earrings so they're as tight as possible. Clip onto your sweater.


These are also super cute  when they're clipped onto scoop-neck shirts :-).

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