Pool Noodle Door Stop!

No more slammed doors! Make your own Pool Noodle Door Stoppers!

Shirt to Skirt Refashion!

Refashion an elastic shirred (a.k.a. smocked) shirt or sundress into a fun skirt. 

No sew! Five minute project :-).


Personalize Your School Supplies!

Has school started in your area? Here in MN the kids have one more glorious week of freedom. We don't start until after Labor day - some kind of holdover from olden times when farm kids were needed to help harvest the crops.

Anyhoo, here are a few ideas to help add personalized flair to school supplies!

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HUGE Plastic Spiderweb

A ton of bloggers have been making spiderwebs out of plastic bags. But they aren't big enough! Here's the key to making a plastic spiderweb that's over 4 feet wide ...

Book Balls!

Paper hydrangeas made from old books! Pretty home decor items, Christmas ornaments or table centerpieces.

Necklace Revamp

Have you ever bought a necklace and brought it home only to realize that it was ridiculously hideous? 

What was I thinking?!

Luckily, it can easily be revamped into a fantastic accessory:

The great thing about necklaces is that they're just metal chains. It's so easy to take them apart and re-make them into something pretty! 

DIY Copper Medallion

Another way to use up those old copper molds! Turn them into fun home decor pieces :-).

Make a Super-Sized Party Sub!

Want to learn how to make a super-long sub that's great for any get-together? You've come to the right place :-).

5 No-Knit, No-Crochet Yarn Projects!

Happy Sunday Funday!

It's been mentioned before that I neither knit nor crochet (remember these mug cozies?). Here are five fun yarn crafts for folks like me!

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Pom-Pom Garland Tutorial can be found at Deja Vue Designs. (credit: Laura @ Pet Scribbles)




My Personal Favorite NO-Knit, NO-Crochet Craft: