HUGE Plastic Spiderweb

A ton of bloggers have been making spiderwebs out of plastic bags. But they aren't big enough! Here's the key to making a plastic spiderweb that's over 4 feet wide ...

Use plastic table covers!

To make 2 spiderwebs You will need:

  • 54" x 108" plastic table cover
  • sharpie (not black!)
  • scissors
  • clip

Cut the table cover into two equal squares.

Fold square in half, corner to corner. Fold again. And again. It should look like this:

 Find a Sharpie. Mark out your cutting lines.

Cut. Use a clip to hold the layers together while you're cutting.

 Unfold carefully.

Woot! Four foot tall spiderweb. Hang it over the piano. Or your porch. Or a garage door. 

I think I'll use it as a table overlay. Would be super cute with a orange table cloth underneath!

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