DIY Copper Medallion

Another way to use up those old copper molds! Turn them into fun home decor pieces :-).

You will need:
  • Malleable decorative mold 
  • Rubber mallet
  • Hammering surface
  • Adhesive office dots
  • Paint

For this project, look for a decorative mold. A real mold will be much too strong - you won't be able to flatten it out with a rubber mallet.

Pull the top apart with your hands. If the metal gives, the mold can be flattened out. No movement, no flatten!

Place the mold on a piece of plywood or other surface you don't mind marring. Use the rubber mallet to flatten out the mold.

As the metal is flattened, scratches and other undesirable surface marks will appear. Place office dots on unmarred surfaces. These areas will remain copper-colored

Paint over the dots. Let paint dry. Remove adhesive dots. Depending on the paint you use, paint may be removed as you're peeling off the dots. It gave my mold an interesting-looking facade.

Pretty! And, as a bonus, hammering with a rubber mallet is a great stress reliever!

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