Necklace Revamp

Have you ever bought a necklace and brought it home only to realize that it was ridiculously hideous? 

What was I thinking?!

Luckily, it can easily be revamped into a fantastic accessory:

The great thing about necklaces is that they're just metal chains. It's so easy to take them apart and re-make them into something pretty! 

You will need: 
  • Hideous necklace
  • Large, pretty pendant 
  • Wire cutter
  • Round tip or Needle-nosed Pliers
  • Possibly will need: Jump Ring (small wire circle - you can buy a bag from the craft store or make your own out of thick-gauge wire)

Using a pliers, take apart the large components of the hideous necklace. In this case, I removed the jump ring that held the many charms. 

If your necklace has a jump ring, reuse that ring on the pendant. Just pull the ends of the ring apart, slip it through the pendant. 

Use the wire cutter to cut chain(s) to desirable length(s). In this case, I shortened the chains on all the necklace charms.

Place the end of any charm-holding chains through the end of the open jump ring. Squeeze the ends of the jump ring back together with the pliers.

Pull the end of the necklace chain through the jump ring. If the end of the chain is too large to fit through the jump ring, simply use a pliers to pull apart the large obstacles. 

Replace the large hoops after the chain has been placed through the jump ring.


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  1. I love the change! So much prettier. :-)

    1. Thank you! Cutting through metal jewelery can be such a stress reliever!

  2. What a smart and beautiful makeover! I love your new necklace!