Jenga Guest Book

Use a Jenga game to build a memorable guest book! This could be great for graduation parties, milestone birthdays or wedding receptions.

Gel pens, ballpoint pens, dry erase markers and "chalk" markers worked well.

Don't use paint pens, Sharpies or other felt-tip markers. The ink will spread and bleed! Trust me, I tried :-(.

Here's a close up of a "chalk" marker that wrote smoothly without spreading. I like the look of white writing on wood blocks:

Time to build some memories!

One Seam T-Shirt Bag

Super simple project. You'll only have to sew one seam! Pick a shirt that looks great upside-down. You'll need one t-shirt for the bag and some cord or t-shirt yarn for the closure.

When you're making the 4 tiny snips, cut through only one layer of fabric, not both layers. Pull the t-shirt yarn or cord through the first hole, through the inside the bottom of the shirt, back out and in the opposite hole, thread through the other side and knot the end!

DIY Blooming Cross

Hello, Friend! It's been awhile! Ready to craft? I call this the Blooming Cross.