Sunday Funday Features 19!

It's Sunday! Ready for some features? 

How to Hide Cords with Yarn!

Do visible cords bother you? They're like the panty-lines of a house! Go ahead and cover up your cords with a bit of yarn.

Many thanks to Amy @ Delineate your Dwelling for the yarn-spiration!

Four Point Star Origami Treat Box

These would be great for a kid's craft party! Each child could make their own box and fill it with assorted candy. No tape or glue required. Recommended for ages 9+.

Sunday Funday Features #18!

I am on vacation! Soaking up sunny rays and sniffing the ocean breezes. And maybe getting eaten by a shark. 

Sunday Funday Florida!

What a great week to go to Florida! We spent a few nights at the beach then went see the Mouse.

The weather was absolutely perfect. Here in MN? Not so much. Torrential rain, flooded roads ... my poor sister-in-law (Kimber) wasn't expecting this sort of weather when she agreed to house-sit/dog-sit for us. 

I really love getting home after a vacation - familiar space and comfy beds. I'm almost done doing vacation laundry (how on earth did we manage four loads worth of clothes?!). Kimber was the best house-sitter ever. I swear the house is cleaner now than it was before we left!

I didn't have time to party this week so here are a few Funday Florida ocean pics instead! I truly meant to take more pics ... but I was too busy doing nothing ... sorry!

How to Decorate Chairs with Scarves!

Revamp your chair backs in two minutes or less! All you need is a scarf. No-sew tutorial :-).

Record Fans!

Looking for a record re-purpose project? Instead of being a fan of music, turn your music into a fan!

Sunday Funday Features 17!

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I saw this craft at a link party earlier this week. The tutorial has been around for awhile but it's a craft that will always be relevant! Leslie at The Seasoned Homemaker will show you how to make your own dryer balls out of wool yarn and a few other items.

Eat your vegetables! Go to Leslie's blog, Simple Living & Eating, for the recipe.

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Charmeuse & Lace Table Runners

Charmeuse is a lovely fabric that combines a terrific drape with an iridescent satin sheen. It can be bit tricky to work with, however, so I'd classify this as an intermediate project. Follow the tutorial to make your own charmeuse table runners for weddings, home decor or gifting!

Lilacs in Jars

I adore lilacs. Which is why I had the landscaper plant ten bushes three years ago while he was sodding the yard. Sadly, two years after they were planted, I started getting seasonal allergy symptoms. I tried to bring cut lilacs into the house last spring. Result: sneezing, itchy eyes and a frantic search for Benadryl!

This is my experiment to see if I can bring lilacs into the house without scratching my face off ... hope it works! 

You will need:
  • Old style canning jar (or any jar with a proper-fitting lid)
  • Bleach
  • Water
  • Fresh flowers & leaves. Use open blooms, if possible. Closed blooms in water tend to stay closed.

Sunday Funday Features 16!

It's Sunday already?! The days slip away so quickly. Every single day feels like a race against the list I make for myself. 

Ah, well. Beach vacation time is coming up soon. Time to recharge the batteries :-). 

Enough complaining! On to the Fabulous Funday Features.

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Love this Beadboard Picture Frame! Especially the chippy paint job. Find out how to make your own at Rachel's blog, Adventures of a DIY Mom.

Don't have time to make your own? Visit Rachel's Etsy shop!

Slice of Heaven? I believe it! Those are chocolate-covered potato chip garnishes, folks. Get the recipe for these Slice of Heaven Cupcakes at Amy's Confectionary Adventures.

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