Sunday Funday Florida!

What a great week to go to Florida! We spent a few nights at the beach then went see the Mouse.

The weather was absolutely perfect. Here in MN? Not so much. Torrential rain, flooded roads ... my poor sister-in-law (Kimber) wasn't expecting this sort of weather when she agreed to house-sit/dog-sit for us. 

I really love getting home after a vacation - familiar space and comfy beds. I'm almost done doing vacation laundry (how on earth did we manage four loads worth of clothes?!). Kimber was the best house-sitter ever. I swear the house is cleaner now than it was before we left!

I didn't have time to party this week so here are a few Funday Florida ocean pics instead! I truly meant to take more pics ... but I was too busy doing nothing ... sorry!

Ocean in a cage! Okay, not really. This was taken from the waiting deck of Crabby Joe's.

Mike has a secret talent. He is a picker of choice waves! We had a ton of fun body boarding. So much fun that we started looking up vacation places that could offer bigger waves -  and commensurate chances for injuries. Don't Google image search 'bodyboarding injuries'. Gnarly!

The water was lovely and warm. I took a ton of wave & sand pics. I'll spare you the rest - they all look pretty much the same!

This is the only pic from Hollywood Studios. Waiting for Fantasmic!

This is the first year we got the super spiffy Disney resort wristbands. Disney prints your first name on the wristband! They work as room keys, fast passes and can be used in the parks and resort to charge things to your account. No need for a wallet! But be sure to bring your phone. The Disney app is great for picking fast passes and seeing wait times. And playing Candy Crush. We waited 90 minutes to get into Toy Story Mania. Worth it!

Hope you had a fantastic week. See you on Monday! We're going to make these:

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