Junk Bonanza 2014!

Junk Bonanza 2014 - Canterbury Park

Junk Bonanza was so much fun! Can't wait until Spring Bonanza!

Candy Corn Vase!

Sweet and easy Halloween craft!

Kusudama Flower Tutorial

Ready to make some Kusudama paper flowers?

Party Tip | Easiest way to label glasses!

Here's an easy way to identify drinking glasses at a party!

Edited Fruit Basket - Easy Rustic Fall Centerpiece

A modern twist on the ubiquitous fruit basket! This makes such a pretty centerpiece for a long table or buffet.

I was lucky enough to be given a bunch of these tiny terra-cotta pots. Find them at the dollar store, $1 for 3 pots!

Pool Noodle Wreath Forms!

Make a set of four wreath forms from only one pool noodle!

DIY Easy Ruffle Yarn Necklace!

Here's a 5-dollar, 5-minute, no-sew, no-knit project that anyone can make!