Edited Fruit Basket - Easy Rustic Fall Centerpiece

A modern twist on the ubiquitous fruit basket! This makes such a pretty centerpiece for a long table or buffet.

I was lucky enough to be given a bunch of these tiny terra-cotta pots. Find them at the dollar store, $1 for 3 pots!

 Supplies List:
  • 9 tiny terra-cotta pots (3 for $1 @ Dollar Tree)
  • Many tiny pine cones (buy or find go to the park and collect!)
  • Dried Spanish moss (can be found at Dollar Tree)
  • 3 beautiful pears
  • 2 beautiful apples
  • Optional: acrylic spray sealer, paint & fine grit sandpaper

My pots already had a bit of weathered charm. If you'd like, paint and sand the pots to achieve your desired look. 

Smush a small handful of moss into 4 of the tiny pots. 

Lay out the pots in a straight line: pear, moss, apple, moss, pear, etc.

Get out your pine cones. 

* If you collected your own, bake them for 20 minutes at 225 degrees. This will kill the critters and mold! Spray with acrylic sealer (optional). *

Lightly push three little pine cones into the top of each mossy pot.

Attractively arrange extra pine cones around the pots.

Happy (fall) crafting!

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