Coffee-Dyed Easter Eggs

I don't normally dye eggs but I had a 1/2 pot of coffee left over. And there was an article about natural-dyed eggs in the paper! Serendipitous.

Boil the eggs. Let cool.

Make coffee. Let cool.

Find a bowl that is large enough to immerse the eggs.

Mix coffee with 1/4 to 1/2 cup vinegar  and a handful of salt.

Dry each egg thoroughly.

Gently and securely press tiny office dots onto the surface of the egg. Make your desired design. You may also wrap the egg in rubber bands. Make sure not to pull the rubber band so tightly that it breaks the shell!

**Large office dots wouldn't stick to the egg very well. Washi tape didn't work, either. Nor did floral tape! I had mild success with writing on the eggs with a clear wax crayon.

Gently place each egg in the coffee/vinegar/salt mixture.

Refrigerate  for 24 hours.

There will be a brown "film" on the eggs. Gently remove stickers and wash the film off of the eggs. Dry.


No, the eggs did not taste like coffee :-).

I'll try to have one more easter-themed post before Easter Sunday - Funny Money Bunnies! Origami bunnies that have space for candy or coins. I hope to have the tutorial uploaded by Friday afternoon:

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