DIY Coffee Filter Candle Holders

I came up with this idea while trying to make something else. Happy accident!

These coffee filter candle holders are so easy to make -  skip the watercolors to turn this into a 10-minute craft!

You will need:
  • Coffee filters
  • Foam Spouncer
  • Scissors
  • Watercolors, water, tablespoon measure and mixing dish (optional)
  • Hairdryer (optional)

Open your package of coffee filters. Take out one whole bunch (should be 50 filters in each bunch).

Flip the inside UP. The bottom filter should now be the top! This helps separate the filters a bit.

Mix watercolors with water. I used 2 dollops scarlet, one small dollop yellow and two big dollops of white. This creates a "salmon" hue.

Spounce the scalloped edges with watercolors. Spounce the top coffee filter, if desired

Let dry. Separate the stacks into five parts. Turn every other stack inside out. This will make the ruffling phase a bit easier. Restack.

If you're using these outside, you may want to sew an "X" through the bottom of the stack. I don't recommend using staples - they'll make it harder to keep the candle standing straight.

Start cutting through the ruffles. Cut on every dip until you reach the non-ruffled center circle. I also added a few extra cuts to create more volume. The more cuts you make, the fluffier the outcome.

Now comes the fun part! Get out your hair dryer and set it on medium/low.The blowing air will help puff up your cut edges!


Stick your pillar candle in the center.

You could also fill a vase or jar full of softener salt crystals and add a small candle to the top:

Let's see ... these would be great for parties, weddings, baby showers, mother's day brunches and so forth.

Have fun and make a ton!


  1. I think they would be even prettier with shorter candles

  2. It is something that I would do for birthday parties.

  3. Such awesome idea. Have to add it to my project list. Thanks for sharing this candle holder DIY idea.