Use Sandpaper With Your Paper Punch!

 Paper punch getting dull? Use fine-grit sandpaper to create crisp, clean cuts!

According to Martha Stewart, we can sharpen our scissors with sandpaper or tinfoil! I decided to take it a step further and use sandpaper on a paper punch.

Whenever I get to the last few punches needed for a project, my paper punch inevitably starts smushing the paper instead of cutting it!

Sad face.

Enter 320 grit sandpaper:

I punched 320 grit sandpaper through my punch a few times. The blades seemed sharper at first, but soon went back to their dull, non-sharp selves:

Sad face again.

I found that what really worked well is running the paper through with sandpaper above or below it. Paper on top of cardstock did not yield the same results.


And if you're really particular, you can lightly rub the paper's cut edges against the sand paper. This makes it even smoother and prettier. This works with scrapbook paper and cardstock.

Just remember to hold the paper at a slight angle with so that more of the back edge of the paper gets sanded.

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