Oh Baby! Part One - Mini Burps Tutorial!

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These Mini Burps are great for small messes. So cute and cuddly - perfect for any new baby! Tutorial and free printable template!

Baby washcloths by Muslin & Merlot. Free printable template!

For each Mini Burp you will need:

2 Squares of Flannel, ironed, minimum 9" x 9" (One pretty square, one stuffing square)
1 Square of Minky Fabric, 9" x 9" DO NOT IRON
Coordinating Thread
Free Mini Burp Template (Link added 1/8/2014)
Chalk Pencil / Disappearing Ink Pen 

Baby washcloths by Muslin & Merlot. Free printable template!

1.  Print out the Mini Burp Template onto cardstock. Cut out the template.

2. Lay the flannel stuffing square on the ironing board. Lay the pretty flannel square directly on top of the stuffing square, right side up. Iron together. Using the template and a chalk pencil, draw the shape onto the flannel.

3. Cut the fabric on the lines you drew. Set aside.

4. Lay the minky fabric flat, right side up (the dots will be pointing at you). DO NOT IRON MINKY! It will melt on your iron. Ask me how I know . . .

5. Lay the flannel right side (pretty side) down. The raised minky dots and pretty fabric should be against each other. There should be 1/2" of extra minky around all edges of the flannel. This is necessary as minky tends to shift around quite a lot while sewing, even after being pinned within an inch of its life.

6. Pin. Use more pins than you think you'd possibly need. Minky is a tricky, slippery beast. It can only be conquered with pins!

7. Starting at one end of the tab, sew around. Back stitch at the beginning. Stop sewing once you reach the other end of the tab. Back stitch at the end. Do not sew across the tab!

Optional. If you feel up to it, sew another line very close to the existing seam. Sew this line between the seam and the edge of the fabric.

8. Use a scalloping motion with your fabric scissors to cut away excess fabric.

9. Turn the fabric inside out. Push a point turner or a chopstick inside the fabric. Run the tool along the inside seams to push out any bits of fabric that haven't been turned inside-out. Pay special attention to the curved corners.

10. Iron the flannel side to flatten everything out. Fold the tabs inward. Press. Be sure not to touch the edges of minky fabric with the iron! Pin again. This will keep the minky from bunching itself all to one side while you're topstitching.
13. Top stitch.

Perfect gift for a momma-to-be! 

Baby washcloths by Muslin & Merlot. Free printable template!

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  1. These are great! The smaller size looks so handy for wiping a baby's chin. I've linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip:

    1. Thanks Anne! So excited to see the Mini Burps on Craft Gossip!

      <3 Heidi Kay

  2. Thank you so much for posting the contoured burp cloth and mini burp tutorials! I am due December 2015, so I am crafting before baby comes!