DIY Ice Balloon Votive Holders

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Remember my Testing Pinterest goof? How some of the balloons didn't freeze because I half covered them with snow? And the snow acted as an insulator instead of a freezer? Well, take a gander at this pic:

DIY Ice Bowls
Perfect for weddings or special Valentine dinners! Truly, so easy to make that I made them by accident :-).

You will need:
  • Working water faucet
  • Regular sized balloons
  • Bowl or other carrying container
  • Knife or other cutting instrument
  • Cold weather and soft snow
  • Patience

1. Stretch the mouth of a balloon around the mouth of the faucet. Grip the mouth of the faucet with one hand so no water spills out. 

2. Turn the water on. Fill balloon. Knot balloon.

3. Carry the balloon outside in the bowl. Take the balloon out of bowl.

4. Set balloon in soft snow. The balloon should sink half-way into the snow. Leave out overnight.

5. Feel from the outside to see if the top of the balloon has frozen while the bottom is still watery.

6. If it has frozen enough, cut away the balloon. Remember, the bottom will still be watery!

7. Flip it over and stick a candle in it! Add rocks or greenery, as desired. Light the candle!

You did it! Great Job! 

These can be made ahead of time and either stored outside (if it stays cold enough!) or in the freezer. Either way, I'd recommend putting each one in a gallon size ziploc until you're ready to use them!
DIY Ice Bowls

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  1. What a fun idea! I bet kids would have fun making these...and maybe...figure a way to use them as bowls for ice cream...hmmm...rinse with water before filling to clean.
    I saw you featured at 504 Main.
    Debbie :)

    1. That would be a fabulous idea. Maybe put a felt square under the bowls so they don't slide around? Thanks for letting me know about the feature!