DIY Penny Vase (with a twist!)

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I'm sure you've seen Vone Inspired's Lucky Penny Vase. It's taken Pinterest by storm!

Copper seems to be the"in" color tone, judging by the response to both the penny vase and these gorgeous DIY Copper Dipped Vases by homeyohmy.

I wasn't immediately a fan of the Lucky Penny Vase. Seemed a bit too shiny at first. Then it grew on me and now I love it! But I still prefer a bit more subdued tone.

Here's my version. 

(With a name like Muslin & Merlot, it's safe to assume that there's an empty wine bottle somewhere in the house.)

Upcycled wine bottle and white-rubbed pennies:

Tutorial after the Jump!

The pennies, unpainted, were too shiny. The pennies, painted, seemed a bit boring. Now it's just right.

You will need:

Dark colored wine bottle
Glue gun
White paint
Paint brushes
Rubbing alcohol
Skein of white embroidery floss
Something decorative to put in the bottle!

1. Clean the bottle. Remove labels.

2. Use the glue gun to glue pennies to the bottle. Space closely. Leave the bottom inch of the bottle penniless (see what I did there? so punny!).

3. Keep gluing pennies until the bottle starts curving inward.

7. Glue one end of the embroidery skein to the back top rim of the bottle. Wind it around the neck of the bottle to create the look of a coil.

8. Glue the other end to the back of the bottle, in the space between pennies.

9. You've made a gorgeous penny vase. Now put some stuff in it! I found these white branches on clearance at Michael's.

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  1. Your penny vase is so cute! I never would have thought of that. Wonderful job.

    1. Thanks Bonnie! Love your Sunburst Mirror! I still can't get over the fact that it cost only three dollars :-).

    2. Here's the link to Bonnie's Sunburst Mirror:

  2. Cool project! I always have tons of empty wine bottles around too :)

  3. I like how the pennies add a cool texture to it. I would have never thought to paint pennies!

  4. great idea .. i love how you use the money .. nice

    1. Thank you! Finally, a way to use up some pennies without a cashier shooting you dirty looks . . .