Heart in Hands

Felt Heart Gloves by Muslin & Merlot

Sweeten both the backs and palms of winter gloves by following this simple, no-sew tutorial! Free printable template.

You will need:

Cheap gloves - I found these at Walmart, two pairs for $0.97
Heart in Hands Template
Felt scraps, two colors - enough to make the six hearts needed for this project
Craft Glue - Elmer's or other school glues will not work for this project. Look for craft glue that specifically states that it works on felt, wood, etc. such as Craft Smart. It is much thicker than Elmer's.
1 large piece of Scrap paper - to hold glue
2 rectangular pieces of scrap paper - one to place inside each glove
Cotton swabs - to smear glue onto hearts
Heavy Book - to place on gloves after the hearts have been glued onto gloves

adding felt to gloves tutorial

1. Click here to access the Heart in Hands Template. Print it out and use the hearts as guides as you cut hearts out of felt. The two biggest guides will be used to cut 4 hearts out one color of felt, the smallest heart will be used to cut out 2 from the other color.

2. Place the rectangular pieces of paper inside each glove. Pour out glue onto the large piece of scrap paper. Use a swab to completely cover one side of the small hearts in glue.

3. Lay the smaller heart on the corresponding larger heart. Press with the palm of your hand. Do the same with the other small/larger heart.

4.  Swab glue onto the backs of the smaller/larger hearts. Remember to completely cover the back and edges. Carefully place the hearts onto the BACK (the side that will cover your knuckles) of each glove. Make sure that the top of the heart will not pass the top of your knuckles while you're wearing these gloves. The easiest way to assure this is to place the point of the heart directly above the wrist ribbing. 

After situating the hearts, press down on the hearts with the palms of your hands.

5. Turn each glove over. Completely cover one side of each of the remaining hearts with glue. Carefully place them on the palm of each glove. 

6. Cover the gloves with a book. Leave the book on overnight.

7, 8 and 9. Wear your gloves with pride!

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