DIY Melted Marbled Crayon Hearts

Melted Marbled Valentine Hearts

The idea for marbled crayon hearts came from Martha Stewart's book, "Handmade Holiday Crafts". I was waiting for the perfect time to test them out. Yesterday afternoon ended up being that perfect time!  (Tutorial after the jump!).

You will need:

Crayons - I used one red, one pink and one white.
Sharp craft knife or pencil sharpener
Wax paper
Scrap paper
4 or more pages of newspaper or two layers of the Amazon Rubbish you ironed
Embroidery floss
Biggest darn needle you can find (the one you used to make Filter Poms with would do nicely!)

DIY Melted Crayon Hearts Tutorial

1 and 2.  Tear off a piece of wax paper approximately 18 inches long. Fold in half. Unfold. Use the knife or pencil sharpener to cut shreds of crayon onto one half of the wax paper. It isn't necessary to completely cover the wax paper with crayon. The crayon will melt and spread. 

3. Use your hand or the edge of the knife to push crayon shavings into a rough square shape.

4. Fold the other half of the wax paper over the crayon shavings. Then fold all edges of the wax paper up, about an inch or so from all edges. This will keep the crayon shavings from melting, spilling over the edges and making a ridiculous mess.

6. Layer a piece of scrap paper under the wax paper and another piece over the wax paper. 

Layer the paper-wrapped wax paper in at least four layers of newspaper or two layers of Iron Amazon Rubbish. Iron the paper pile for a few seconds. Check to see if the crayon has melted. Check to see if any crayon has melted through the paper pile. If yes, add more scrap paper to absorb the crayon oils.

7. After the shavings have melted together, it'll look like this! Leave the wax paper on the the melted crayons. The wax paper will not ever be removed!

8. Use a scissors to cut out heart shapes. Be very careful while you're cutting, the crayons break easily. I suggest you start from the bottom point, cut one curve of the heart, then start back at the bottom point and cut the other curve.

9. Use a needle and embroidery floss to pierce the hearts and string them together. They also look great strung individually!




  1. What a pretty project those hearts make!

    1. Thanks Karen! It's a great way to use up all those little crayon stubs!

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