DIY Wine Cork Arrows

Make some Cupid's Arrows out of upcycled wine corks for your valentine! No, these are not for hunting! Decorative use only.

Tutorial after the jump.

Ready to upcycle some wine corks? This is great for people (like me!) who hold onto their wine corks but never seem to accumulate enough to make a cork wreath. 

The idea to make arrowheads out of corks came to me while watching "Her". I had to wait impatiently for the movie to be over so I could go home and craft! Pure torture. 

Lovely movie, though.

You will need (per arrow):

Wine cork - Only corks that look like they're made of dense foam, not real cork. Real cork was way too hard to cut!
Craft knife
Cutting board
Thin craft stick - I used diffuser reeds from Walmart, $3 for 15 reeds
Glue gun
3/4" thick ribbon - 3 or 4 inches

**Another do as I say, not as I do! In the pictures, I start slicing from the corkscrew-pierced end of the cork. Please start from the other end - the non-holey end! The corkscrew hole can then be used for attaching the stick to the arrowhead.

***Please be super careful while you're cutting! Some corks are definitely easier to work with than others so if a cork is giving you trouble, just move on to a different one.

1 and 2. Find a cork, sharp knife and cutting board.

3. From the top of the cork, slice down at a slant.

4. Slice at a slant from the opposite side.

5. Keep slicing around the cork, making a point from the top of the cork. Once you've removed the large slices, you can use the scissors to finish sharpening the point.

6. It'll look kinda like this.

7. Push the tip of the knife into the arrowhead's base. 

8. Get the stick. Add a bit of glue to the end. Put the stick into the hole at the arrow's base. Cut stick to desired length.

9. Cut off 3 or four inches of ribbon. Make a fold halfway down the ribbon.

10. Cover the end of the stick in glue. Sandwich the end of the stick in ribbon. Press the ribbon around the stick.

11. Make little slanted snips in the ribbon. Run your fingers along the snips. This will feather the ribbon.

12. Make some more! 

13. Add paint, if desired.

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