DIY Easy Nursery Decor

Looking for an easy nursery decor idea? How about this:

So easy! Relatively quick. Make any shape you desire! An infinite amount of color/fabric combinations.  

Don't let the blanket stitch scare you (click on the picture - not on the round pinterest logo! - to see the stitch more clearly). Using the blanket stitch on your machine is no harder that the regular plain stitch. Do a practice run on scrap fabric if you're nervous :-). Tutorial after the jump.

You will need:

Picture frame
Two pieces of coordinating cotton fabric
- One fabric piece needs to be a bit larger than the frame you're using
- Other fabric piece needs to be a little larger than the heart you're cutting out (don't cut out the heart shape yet!)
Heat n Bond  - slightly smaller than the second fabric piece
Sewing machine

Prepare your frame. I painted mine with a combination of Raw Umber and Mars Black. This makes the frame dark but still gives it a bit of depth.

Iron your fabric pieces. Set aside the largest piece of fabric.

Cut a piece of Heat n Bond slightly smaller than your second (smallest) fabric piece. Place the fabric right side (pretty side!) down. Place the rough side of Heat n Bond on the wrong side of the fabric. The paper (smooth) side of the Heat n Bond should be on the top of the pile. 

Iron the Heat n Bond for two seconds or long enough for it to adhere to the fabric. Let cool for a minute or so.

Cut out the desired shape. Peel off the backing paper. Place shape in the center of the largest fabric piece. Iron for six seconds or long enough for the shape to adhere. Let cool again.

Use the blanket stitch on your machine to outline the shape. Iron.

Trim edges of the fabric so that it fits within your frame. Set it in the frame. 

And you're done! Wasn't that easy?

Time to Party!


  1. How cute and creative! Thanks for sharing this with us at Sewlicious Home Decor! Marti

    1. Thank you Marti! Love your party! So many great ideas on the SHOW-Licious Saturday Showcase :-)