Wine Glass Coaster Tutorial has been updated!

Updated 2/16/2014

These coasters put the FUN in functional! 

Don't we all have a friend that is, shall we say, a little forgetful when they drink? This friend may or may not be me. But that is beside the point.

The important thing is that now you won't have to worry about your friend not remembering to put their wine glass on a coaster . . . because the coaster is attached to the wine glass!

Let us begin.

Flannel works best for this project, but feel free to substitute any 100% cotton fabric of your choice. This sewing recipe will yield 4 wonderfully homemade coasters.
You will need:

Either 1/2 yard of flannel fabric or 1/3 yard EACH of 2 flannel fabrics washed and ironed
Coordinating thread
Old CD or Circle Template
Chopstick, retractable pen, Popsicle stick or anything else that will help round out the inside curves 

1. Print out this Circle Template or find an old CD, a pen and some stiff paper/cardboard. Spend a few minutes reminiscing about the songs you used to cry to during freshman year. Remember Counting Crow's "Long December"?

After reminiscing, use the CD to trace a circle on the stiff paper. Cut out the circle. Congratulations, you have made your own template!

Use the template to draw circles on the fabric. Draw the circles as closely together as possible. You will need 5 circles per coaster. If you are using 2 different fabrics, cut 3 circles of one fabric and 2 of the other. Cut out the circles.
2. You should have 5 circles. Iron 4 circles exactly in half. Set aside the 5th circle.

3 and 4. Lay out the folded circles exactly as they are shown in the pictures. Start by laying one on the right side, laying the second one on top and the third on the left side.

5. Add the fourth circle to the bottom. Layer the right side of the last circle UNDERNEATH the first circle.

6 and 7. Make sure your folded circles make one circular shape. Find the 5th (unfolded) circle.

8. Lay it (right side down) on top of the folded circles.

9 and 10. Flip the whole thing over and pin. Sew 1/4" seam around the edge. Back stitch.

11. Using a scissors, cut curves around the stitched end. Or cut out triangles, if you prefer. We just need to cut away excess fabric (without cutting into the hem!!).

12. Open up the center of the folded circles. Turn the whole thing inside out.  
13. To keep the nice round shape, push out the curved edges with whatever tool you have at your disposal. 
14. Round-ish?
15. Top stitch a 1/3 inch hem around the coaster. Back stitch.

16. Make some more!

Place the foot of a wine glass inside the folded circles. It will take a bit of tugging but the foot should fit snugly within the circles. 
Wrap them with a pretty ribbon and foist them upon your friends. These particular coasters will be foisted upon the first three buddies who touted my blog on Facebook! Thanks, Buddies!


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  1. Wow. What a great idea. Now you don't have to keep an eye on guests.... Or your furniture. Great photos too. :)

  2. These are so adorbs! I can think of so many way to personalize these as gifts for girlfriends. Thanks for sharing~