Oh Baby! Part Two: Contoured Burp Cloth Template - Free Template!

Welcome to the Template round of Oh Baby! Part Two: Contoured Burp Cloths. Go here if you'd like to see Part One: Mini Baby Burps!

These wonderfully soft burp cloths are contoured on only one side in order to maximize the burping surface! Since they're made of flannel and minky fabrics, both sides are absorbent. This way, the burp cloth can easily be switched to the other shoulder. Click through for template instructions and the link to my free template!

Ready to put together a template? You'll need to grab the (free!) 3 page template from here. You'll also need adhesive tape and 4 sheets of printer paper:

Please print:

(1) of Left Upper Quadrant
(1) of Left Lower Quadrant
(2) of Right Upper Quadrant / Right Lower Quadrant 

Four pages total!

Cut templates pages on dotted lines, if available. If no dotted lines appear, cut on whole lines.

*Note: The spaces on the template pieces between whole lines and dotted lines indicate overlap. I left space between the whole and dotted lines to make taping easier!

Take the two template pieces that are labeled "Cut 2". Turn one upside down. Rounded corners should be on the right side. Make the dark lines of each piece overlap each other. Tape to secure.

Take the template piece labeled "left upper quadrant". Place the right side line on top of the dark line (not the dotted line) of the  the right upper quadrant piece. Tape to secure.

Take the template piece labeled "left lower quadrant". Place the lines of the template directly on top of the lines of the already secured template pieces.

You're ready for the full tutorial! Click here!


  1. This is great. I make a contoured burp cloth, but not as well thought out as yours. Thank you for the pattern; I'll try it next time.

    1. Thanks Marti! I've made many different types of burp cloths but I think this pattern is the best . . . that's probably a teensy bit egotistical of me!

  2. This is so cute and WAY better than what we used for burp clothes! Love it, I wish I would have realized there were resources out there when I had my little one so I could have made him little things! I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award check out my latest post at Woods of Bell Trees for more info!

  3. Ooooh. :) Love them. I'll try making some for a friend that's having a baby....

  4. what is minky??

    1. Hi there!
      Minky is an extremely soft, short nap fleece. Many times it has a raised dot pattern. Babies (and adults!) love it! Sometimes it's called minky, minkee or dot fabric. Here are a couple of examples: