Oh Baby! Part Two: Contoured Burp Cloth Tutorial

This is the tutorial for the second installment of 'Oh Baby!'. Click here for the first installment of Oh Baby!: Mini Baby Burps.

That is frost in the picture, not dust! It was slightly chilly this morning. And icy. I slipped and fell on the sidewalk. No broken bones, thank goodness!

To make the the Contoured Burp Cloths, you'll need to print out the template. Go here for detailed instructions on how to put the template together.

Ready? Let's begin!

You will need:
  • Free Template
  • Template Instructions
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron
  • 2 pieces of Flannel fabric, 12" x 19" 
  • - One Pretty piece
  • - One Stuffing piece, choose something that won't be seen through your pretty piece.
  • 1 piece of Minky fabric 14" x 21" 
  • Chalk Pencil or Disappearing Ink Pen
  • Coordinating Thread
  • Lots of Pins!
  • Point turner or Chopstick.

Gather your materials. Iron the two pieces of flannel together.  

Using a chalk pencil and the template, draw the shape onto the fabric. Draw a four inch tab on one of the straight sides (see picture, upper middle)

Cut out the shape. 

With right sides together (Minky dots facing up, pretty Flannel facing down), pin. There should be one inch of Minky all around the flannel. The extra Minky is essential since the Minky will shift, even with proper pinning! 

Place pins no further than two inches apart. As I've stated before, Minky is a tricky, slippery beast. It can only be tamed with pins! 

Sew 1/4 or 1/3 inch hem around the shape with a walking foot and a 3.0 stitch length. Make sure not to sew through the tab!

Trim away the excess Minky.

Use a scalloping motion with your fabric scissors to clip away excess fabric all around the the hem.

Flip inside out. Minky dots should be pointing outwards and Pretty flannel should be showing on the other side. Use a point turner inside the burp cloth to push out the hem. Pay close attention to each curve.

Iron the flannel side to flatten everything out. Do not iron Minky! Do not touch the minky edges with the iron! It will melt on your iron! 

Fold the tab pieces inward. Pin all around the burp cloth. Pin, pin, pin. This will keep the Minky from sliding while you topstitch.



Now make some more :-).

This is the tutorial for the second installment of 'Oh Baby!'. Click on the pictures (below) for the first and third installments, Mini Burps and Door Mufflers.

Mini Burps

Door Mufflers

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  1. Wow! What a great idea. I've seen a few tutorials for burp clothes, but they're always the straight ones - this seems like a much better idea.

  2. Great pattern and Tutorial. Wanted to use up some extra minky fabric but didn't like the straight patterns and a full peanut shape didn't sound like fun. Thanks!

    1. You're so welcome! I like fabric-stash busting projects! That's why I listed measurements in inches instead of yards!

  3. I am also admired of these and this is exactly for winter days


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