Origami Tulip Tutorial

These origami tulips also look like rose buds - gather them while you may ;-).

  • Paper - I used 5 3/4" squares
  • Scrap Paper
  • Scissors or Paper Cutter
  • Sticks, Straws or other items to use as stems
  • Small Stick
  • Glue gun

1. You'll need one square for each tulip. I think 5 3/4" squares work well

2. Place tape along the center on each edge of the paper. The tape goes on the side that won't be seen after the flower is made. It keeps the paper from tearing along the fold mark. I used washi tape so that you could see the tape in the pictures - for other flowers i used clear packing tape.

3. Fold on both diagonals. Do this with the tape facing up. Unfold and turn paper over so that the tape side is down.

4. Fold paper in half.

5. Unfold

6. Gently push in the sides to make a triangle.

7. Crease the folds

8. Fold each side point so they meet the top point.

9. Turn over and repeat on other side.

10. You should now have a diamond shape. Turn one flap over. The shape will be the same but now there will be no cut edges in the center of your diamond. Turn over and repeat.

11. Check to make sure that a "hole" is in the bottom of your diamond. The top should be enclosed. Fold in the side so that it slightly overlaps the center.

12. Repeat. Your flaps should slightly overlap. This is important since one flap will be tucked into the other.

13. Repeat folding on the other side.

14. Use a small stick or rod to gently push out and shop the bottom of the tulip.

15. Tuck side flaps inside one another on both sides.

16. Cut two strips of scrap paper - about the length of a book page. One should be thicker than the other.

17. Glue the end of the strips to whatever you're using as a stem. Make sure to glue them a little ways down the stem about a millimeter apart. Wind around and glue in place.

18. Use a pencil or other rod to slightly curl the petals. Gently push the stem through the bottom hole so that the hole sits between the top and bottom paper clumps.


I used a falling apart Harry Potter book, vintage music pages and pictures from Beauty and the Beast:

I'll be selling these at the Rush City Bountiful Boutiques - The Raven's Nest. Mark your calendar!

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