DIY Cord or Ear Bud Holder

Very easy and handy project. Keep those cords organized with leather scraps!

  • Leather Rectangle, 6 x 4 3/4 inches
  • Rotary Cutter or Scissors
  • Pinking Rotary Cutter (Optional - use a pinking cutter if you like the wavy edges)
  • Hook & Loop Velcro Strip
  • Contact Cement

I used leather scraps from an old leather coat. I salvaged the velcro from one of those fabric bags that hold sheet sets/separates from Target!

Cut the rectangle with the pinking cutter. Place rectangle as shown in the picture, rough side up

Find the center - I marked mine with a pink dot. Measure 1/2 inch above the dot. Make a two-inch cut in the leather. Repeat the cut 1/2 inch below the dot.

Cut velcro to size and peel apart. Glue the velcro along the left edge of the rough side of the leather. Flip the leather rectangle over and glue the other piece of velcro along the left edge of the smooth side of the leather. The contact cement I used suggested waiting 24 hours before testing the bond.

Loop your cord and tuck one end through the cuts you made. This is a reversible holder - sometimes I like the smooth side out, sometimes I like the rough ... it's up to you!

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