DIY Upcycled Blue Jean Necklace

Super simple upcycled jean craft. Just cut out the inseam, glue and roll!


  • Pair of Jeans
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun or strong fabric glue
  • Cording or other Thick String
  • Button (optional)
  • Jewelry chain or cording
  • Small piece of Felt

Look at your jeans. Cut off the ankle seam. Discard. See the double sewn inseam? Cut all the way up from the ankle to the crotch.

Roll and glue until you reach the last few inches.

Make a dot of glue about two inches away from the end of the seam (only on the bottom side of the seam). Wind cord loosely ten or twelve times. Make sure the ends are glued down.

Finish gluing down the seam. Glue a button to the center. Pull the end of a chain through the cord loops. Cut a piece of felt to size and glue down to the back of the inseam pendant.


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