The Hat & Belt Basket!

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Introducing the Hat & Belt Basket! Use it as an Easter basket or table centerpiece. It would also make a perfect flower girl basket for a country or rustic-themed wedding!

You will need:
  • Straw Hat (doesn't have to be actual straw, any loose-woven brimmed hat should work)
  • Leather Belt
  • Plated Brass Fasteners (Amazon Affiliate Link - Will open a new window)
  • Tapered Awl (Amazon Affliate Link - Will open a new window)
  • Glue (optional)
  • Scrap Fabric (optional)

Fasten the belt.

Place the belt around the hat. I decided to put the bucket slightly to one side instead of dead center.

Place a metal fastener through one of the belt holes AND hat to secure the belt.You may need to slightly shift the weave in the hat to make the fastener fit through. Do not cut a hole through the hat!

Use the awl to punch a hole on the opposite side of the belt.

Place a fastener through the hat and the hole you just made.

Flatten the back of the fasteners. You may need to glue a piece of fabric over the fasteners, depending on how much weight you want the basket to carry.

Make more holes and add more fasteners to the sides and bottom. You may need to punch in the crown, pinch the edges together, and add fasteners inside the crown to make the basket stay balanced.

Fill as desired.

Easy and chic!

I filled the basket with tulle balls and Kusudama paper flowers! Click here for my Kusudama flower tutorial!


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