Fun 'N Fluffy Flip Flops

Fun and easy way to spruce up those $1 flip flops! Wouldn't these colors be great for a Frozen-Inspired summer birthday party?

  • Flip Flops
  • 1/4 yard (or less) fleece
  • 1/4 yard (or less) soft tulle
  • Scissors
  • Ruler (optional)

Cut your fleece into (approximately) 3 1/2" x 3/4" strips. Cut the soft tulle into 4 1/2" x 4" rectangles. No need to be precise. This is just a suggested size so that the strips are easy to tie.

Tie one strip to the flip-flop strap. Tie again. Keep adding strips, alternating between fleece and tulle.

If you'd like, trim the strips with your scissors.

Easy Peasy.

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