DIY Patio Paver Trivet

Super cheap and quick DIY - Make your own trivets out of patio paver stones!

You will need:
  • Adhesive Felt Floor Protector Pads
  • Glue Gun
  • Flat Patio Paver Stones
  • Old T-Shirt

Pick stones that aren't too heavy. Home Depot had big square pavers but I chose these rectangular ones because they're easier to carry and store.

Turn the stones upside down. Wipe the stones with an old, dry t-shirt.

Remove paper backing from the felt pads. Add some glue to the sticky side and press firmly into the stone.

Repeat for each corner. I added a couple to the middle, too.

Turn over. Put some hot stuff on there!

You'll have to imagine food in these dishes. It's too hot outside to cook today!

SO EASY! Make as many as you'd like!

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