Piano Makeover with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!

Revamp an old piano with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!

This was my (actually more my sister's than mine - she's a much better piano player!) childhood piano in all its orangey-oak glory:

Not so glorious ...

So I painted it. With my favorite thing in the world: Annie Sloan chalk paint (which will be shortened to ASCP for the remainder of this post).

This will probably sound like a huge advertisement for ASCP. But I'm not getting paid a dime. It's just such great stuff. Epic poems should be written to preserve ASCP's wondrous-ness for posterity.


But not written by me.

ASCP is extremely low-VOC. There's also no need to sand or prepare the painting surface. AWESOME.

The wax, on the other hand, is very stinky. Use it outside or in a well-ventilated area.

I bought this paint & wax at Mama's Happy's sales area @ Junk Bonanza. Three light coats of Emperor's Silk (a vibrant red) paint and dark wax. The wax was needed to tame the red. And also I wanted the piano to look old. And kinda dirty/grimy. It worked!

I used painter's tape on the front side of the piano keys.

And pressed down the black keys with one hand while using a small brush to paint behind the key with my other hand.

I removed the bottom board for painting.

As stated before, I used three light coats, very slightly watered down. I used a regular paint brush from Lowes. I painted the piano, bench and bottom board.

The red was so bright! Everything else looked very brown and drab after staring at RED for so long!

I brushed on dark wax, then quickly wiped off the excess with an old t-shirt. Here's the painted surface vs paint with dark wax:

This is with dark wax, heavily applied:

And here's the end of the piano bench - I used fine grit sandpaper to lightly distress the edges. 

I am so happy with the results:

I used a little over a 1/3 can of paint (comes in 1 quart pots) and 1/3 of the wax. Yes, the paint can get a little spendy at almost $40 a pot BUT I think it's worth it.

The only problem is that I am now overcome with desire to paint ALL THE THINGS with ASCP. Help.


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