Easy Gem Book Sculpture!

This gem-shaped book sculpture is a great little organizer or home decor item!

You will need:
  • Book - Regular weight paper, NOT a phone book or dictionary!
  • Scissors or X-acto knife

Break the book binding by folding the book onto itself. Keep breaking the binding as you get further through the book.


Fold the SECOND page in half, UNDERNEATH itself.

Make sure the fold is nice and straight.


Bend one corner so that the edge lines up as close to the binding as possible. ONLY fold this diagonal until you meet the lengthwise fold you made earlier - SEE THIN BLUE LINE.

This fold creates a cute little pocket.

Repeat with other side of page.

Repeat with the next 30 pages or so. Use a scissors or an x-acto knife to cut off the group of folded pages while preserving the binding!

Go back to the first page. Fold the page lengthwise THE OPPOSITE of the pages you've folded. This will make the first page tuck itself in - no tape or glue necessary to keep the pages together. Fold the page up.

This can sit on your desk:

OR you can tape ribbon/string to the flat side and hang it up.

It can hold small items like tickets and business cards even while hanging over the door!


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    1. Thank you Ann! I love your 'Hearts Askew' quilled necklace. So pretty!

    2. Oh thank you! Sorry to be slow to respond, I just found your reply now... I was looking up this link to include in my newsletter - I think people will enjoy your tutorial!