DIY Zipper Headband

Make a DIY Zipper Headband! Unzip for a two-strip headband or zip it up for a thicker, single-strip band.

  • 18" Zipper
  • 3" Fold-Over Elastic
  • Pin or Small Alligator Clip
  • Needle & Thread

Pin or clip both sides of one end of the zipper to the fold-over elastic, right sides together. You'll need to layer one side of the zipper on top of the other  to equal the width of the elastic.

Sew a straight line. Sew over your line a couple of times to make sure it will hold.

Place the band around your head to see how long you need to make the elastic. Pin in place and sew  just like the other end.


To keep the elastic from fraying, hold the end of the elastic a couple inches away from a candle flame. The elastic will slightly melt.

If the elastic starts smoking, you're too close to the flame!

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