How to Make Tulle Poms!

Tulle Balls for all! This idea has floated around the internet for awhile. Some people use this same method with T-shirt Yarn!

Make 'em one toned, two-toned or spray the edges with paint!

For two-colored tulle poms, simply switch to another color mid way through. The blue ones were made with light blue tulle and white tulle. I then sprayed them with a mid-blue color.

  • 6-inch Tulle Ribbon
  • Scrap Cardboard
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Paperclips
  • String
  • Tape

Cut two circles. Make them the same size. Cut out small circles in the center of both circles.

Lay down one circle. Place string around the center hole of the circle. Bring the ends of the string to the outside. Tape to hold it in place. Place the other circle on top.

Unwind a long length of tulle. Cut away from the spool.

Start wrapping tulle from the outside of the circles through the center of the circles. Like a donut.

Once you've finished wrapping one length of tulle, keep the end in place with a paper clip.

This is the time to decide if you'd like to switch colors. Cut another length of tulle and wrap again.

Once you reach the spot where the previous length of tulle ended, snip off the excess tulle and keep wrapping!

Stop wrapping when the center of your donut is mostly filled in and it becomes difficult to pull tulle through it.

See your string? This area will help you find the cardboard circles. You're now going to place your scissors between the cardboard circles. Cut the layers apart.

Pull the string as tight as possible (without breaking!). Tie and knot.

Tear off the cardboard circles.

Fluff the pom. Trim any stray long strips.

For Hanging: Find the center string. Place the long string you'd like to use to hang the pom under the center string. Knot the ends of the long string.



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