Tin Wedding Favor Fillable Ornament!

DIY fillable ornaments! SO much easier than trying to pour stuff into an empty glass ornament!

I thought up this project while brainstorming for the last craft fair! Love these little tins!

  • Awl
  • Hammer
  • Wedding favor tins - I got these at Michael's, a pack of 30. They have round ones, too! 
  • Ribbon
  • Candy, Handwritten Note, Confetti, Money, etc.
  • Dremel (optional)

This is super simple. Follow the pictures!

Optional: Before adding your ribbon, use a dremel to smooth down the tin on the under-side of the hole. Wipe thoroughly and use compressed air to get rid of all the metal filings.

Tip: Make the hole just big enough for your ribbon. If the hole gets too big, the tin side will start to collapse. 

I like these tins because the lids fit tightly. I filled some with candy and some with Pride & Prejudice book page hearts. How will you fill your ornaments?

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