Ugly Necklace to Fun Bracelet!

Old necklace + Jewelry clasp + Jump Rings + Pliers = Bracelet! That's a lot of pluses.

This necklace was in a $5 bag of costume jewelry I bought at Junk Bonanza! I literally cannot think of one person in the world this necklace would have looked good on.

But all it needed was a jewelry clasp, two jump rings and a pair of pliers. Easy transformation!

Pull apart the original jump rings in order to create three separate sections. Make sure the middle section is long enough to reach around the wrist. Keep in mind that it will become slightly longer when the clasp and extra jump rings are added.

Leave the jump rings on the middle sections and add smaller matching jump rings to the original jump rings. Add a lobster clasp to one small jump ring. Add tag to the small jump ring at the other end.

Attach ends of shorter sections to the large jump rings at the end of the middle section. Repeat with other end.

Necklace to bracelet in five minutes flat!

Note: I only needed to add the smaller jump rings because the original jump rings were too thick for my lobster clasp!

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