Petal Cloud Tutorial

A few years ago I made a wreath following this tutorial at MaryJanes and Galoshes. While making decorations for a baby shower, I scrounged around one of my (sadly, many) miscellaneous craft boxes and found some 4x4 canvases. Why not use the wreath technique to make something else--something I already had the materials for? And that's how Petal Clouds were born!

  • 4x4 inch canvas (or canvas or picture frame in any size you desire)
  • Unsharpened pencil (or colored pencil)
  • Coffee filters (8 to 12 cup size)
  • Glue gun + glue sticks
  • Paint, brush and paper plate OR spray paint (optional)

Prepare your canvas. If it's already white, congratulations! Skip this step!  Mine had a design and needed to be painted.

Flip the canvas over.

Find either an unsharpened pencil or a colored pencil. We need a flat end.

While you're looking for a pencil, grab some coffee filters and a glue gun! My gun and I have gone through some tough times together. 

Those glue drips are battle scars, my friend.

Place the center of the coffee filter on the flat end of the pencil. Scrunch the sides around the pencil. 

Add a drop of glue to the flattened end of the coffee filter.

Before the glue hardens, press the flattened end into the back of the canvas.

And now I need you to do as I say and not as I do. Fill in one corner and go to another corner before working inward. Trust me. If you start at one end and keep going, filters will tilt and glue won't have a chance to adhere to the canvas. Like this.

Should look like this once it's all filled in.

You could paint the edges to match your decor:

Ta-da! A lovely Petal Cloud that seems to float on the table top.


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