(Faux) Human Skin Bookmarks!

It's almost Halloween. We can be a little ghoulish! 

Disgust your friends and family by handing out (faux) human skin bookmarks. Great way to get rid of all those plastic grocery bags!

*No humans were harmed while crafting this project*

This was an accident. I was trying a different plastic bag upcycling project that ... didn't pan out. 


The ironing part of this project must be done in an area that is ventilated extremely well -  outside or in the garage with the garage doors fully open.  Heating plastic releases harmful elements! Do not do this project indoors!

  • 5 Plastic Grocery/Shopping bags
  • Parchment Paper
  • Scissors or Rotary Cutter/ Mat / Ruler
  • Iron & Ironing board

Cut away any printed material. You can do this with a scissors:

Or cut away the handles and bottom with a rotary tool. Slit up the side to make one long piece of plastic.

Heat your Iron to the highest setting.

Lay the bags on top of one another. 

Cut two long pieces of Parchment Paper.

Lay the bags between the pieces of Parchment Paper.

Slowly iron the bags. They will shrink almost instantaneously. 

Make sure the plastic bags do not touch the iron directly! The plastic will melt onto your iron. Yuck. 

After you're done ironing, it should look like this:

It will be warm /  hot to the touch.

Turn it upside down. Place between sheets of parchment paper and iron again.

Cut into bookmarks:

Or add them to your Halloween decor:

Or cover a book in faux human skin a la Queen Betsy (have you read Undead and Unwed?).

I hope you weren't too disgusted by this tutorial!

Happy almost Halloween :-).

I'm sharing at these fabulous parties -  great place for Pin-Spiration!





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  1. I couldn?t refrain from commenting. Exceptionally well written!