Two Scarves are Better than One!

Crafty style tip - wear two scarves instead of just one!

Here's just one scarf. It's okay, I guess.

Why should you wear two scarves?
  • It's cold outside! Two scarves are warmer than one.
  • Get more mileage out of spring/summer scarves by pairing one with a heavier scarf.
  • They're pretty together!

Find two scarves that are roughly the same length. It's fun to pair different textures/colors together.

Lay one scarf flat on the floor or over your arm. Lay the other one on top of it so that the ends are somewhat even (the scarves don't need to be the same width, just length). 

You could wrap them around your neck and tuck in the ends to make it look like an infinity scarf:

Or use the classic pashmina knot:

Happy Fall, Y'all!

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