DIY Metal Washer Bracelet

These metal washer bracelets are a great teen craft! Might sell well at craft sale fundraisers?

I adapted this from the Metal Washer + Ribbon necklace tutorial. Fold-over elastic makes it easy to take these bracelets on and off. Younger kids can make these, too. Just make sure there's a responsible adult around to  melt the ends of the elastic.


  • Approx. 22 inches Fold-Over Elastic - I bought this pack at Walmart for $2.97
  • (8-12) 1/2" Flat Washers, Zinc - Bought at Lowes, $2.19 for pack of 25. You can buy these by the piece, just make sure to get these zinc washers and not the galvanized ones. The galvanized washers have a great patina but the bag carries a cancer warning!
  • Scissors
  • Lighter or lit candle

Look at your washers. They each have a smooth-edge side. These should face upward.

Cut 22" of fold-over elastic. The pattern side should face upward.

Start about 1 1/2" away from the left end of the elastic. Take two washers and place them on the elastic like the picture below.

For washer #1, place the elastic under the left side and over the right side. For washer #2, place the elastic OVER the left side and under the right side. Place the left side of #2 over the right side of #1

Flip washer #2 to the left (upside down). Thread the elastic through the hole of washer #1.

Flip washer #2 to the right.

Thread the elastic through the hole of washer #2 by pulling it from under washer #2.

Repeat with remaining washers. I used 9 nine washers.

Flip upside down.

Bring ends together and knot. Try it on to see if the bracelet fits well.

Tighten knot and snip off the excess. Light your candle and bring the ends of the elastic NEAR (NOT IN) the flame. This will slightly melt the ends and keep the elastic from raveling. If the elastic is smoking or turning black, you've burned it! Trim and try again.

Tug the knot towards the center of the washer in front of the knot. Stretch the elastic so that the washers are evenly spaced.

Wear it with pride :-).

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