DIY T-Shirt Towel for Perfectly Smooth Hair

The friction from regular terry-cloth towels can make your hair frizzy! Smooth your tresses dry with a t-shirt towel.

This is a cowl, tube style towel. It allows the user to choose single or dual layers.

This is a great. quick starter project for those who want to practice sewing with knits. Remember to trade out your regular needle for a ball-point needle.


  • 2 Men's Large or XL T-shirts
  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors or Rotary Cutter

Pick two soft, knit t-shirts. Try to find two that are the same width armpit-to-armpit.

Cut across each t-shirt right at the armpit. Keep remainder for painting/cleaning rags or DIY bibs.

Place one tube inside the other, right sides together. Pin raw edges. Make sure you're only pinning the two layers together, not all four straight across the top.

If one t-shirt is a little bigger, fold over the excess and make  pleat.

Sew raw edges together. Make sure not to "stretch" the fabric as you're sewing and use a ball-point needle. Keep everything as even as possible. Otherwise it will buckle like this haha.

Turn top layer inside out. Iron seam down if you'd like.

Hang it in your bathroom and smooth your hair dry :-).

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